Working with only a biro and a camera, and with no knowledge of the area, Hugh Davies representing Analogue Art Map spent the 2006 Conflux Festival seeking hand drawn maps from locals in the Brooklyn NY area. These maps gave directions to sources of food, water and rest as well as to possible points of interest. As each map begins where the last ended, the maps link together to form a linear journey or narrative told by multiple authors.

Ultimately, the maps are psychological map of the Brooklyn landscapes resources, traditions and stories from the point of view of how locals understand it, as well as how they believe visitors might best experience and interpret it.

When you ask someone to send you anywhere, you place a lot of trust in them. People react to this in different ways. Some returned the trust by drawing me maps to their favorite places to enjoy for myself. Others saw it as a challenge to either come up with the ideal location or alternately to send me on wild adventure.

During the Analogue Art Map presentation at Mcaig-Welles Gallery in Brooklyn, two guys dropped by and made this detailed map, which due to time restrictions I didnt have a chance to follow.

But you can.
If you are interested in taking the tour for yourself, click on, save and print the map and watch the video below for a walk through. But please contact us with any feedback, recording, or even your own maps post taking the tour. It is very important that we recieve ongoing public input in order to continue our important work.

Ultimately, the places I ended up and the journeys to get there were not as important to me as the directions I received. These cool little drawings, expressive and practical, each as unique as any work of art, but none considered as such in the making.

Special thanks Vandana and Mike, Conflux Festival and to all those who participated.